About us
FRIDAY MOONS is a rising indie collective that has been captivating audiences since 2021 with their unique blend of pop music. Their music is a perfect mix of catchy melodies and meaningful lyrics that will leave you humming their tunes all day long
You hear, this is the distant thunder chasing our lifes...
Oh God, I was blinded for so long...
The video series "Live at M11 Space" is our attempt to show two sides of FRIDAY MOONS
On the one hand, you will find here songs that you may be used to hearing on the radio and in selections on streaming platforms. You can sing along to them, you can find a meaning that is close to you, you can even choose a quote and then put it on a small print on your T-shirt. On the other hand, these are instrumental parts of the same songs that take us a bit further than our usual horizons. We want to share all this with you